Posted by: Brendan Wanderer | October 8, 2012

Who is Dr. Whale?

POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT… (don’t read unless you like to wonder about possibilities on Once Upon A Time)

I’m going to make a public guess on my own page just so that it’s been documented as to who I think Dr. Whale’s ‘fairy-tale’ counterpart is on Once Upon A TIme.

#1 guess: Monstro the Whale from Pinocchio (or possibly Moby Dick) but I think this is too obvious and I really doubt it…unless there was a prior spell involved turning him into a monstrous whale.

#2 guess: Captain Ahab from Moby Dick… slightly more likely, because it makes him a human counterpart.

#3 guess: Ulysses or Perseus from greek mythology… both fishermen, and conceivable they might incorporate.

#4 guess: The Fisher King from Arthurian legend/Grail mythology. This is my favorite guess, and if I had to bank on one, this would be it.

Reasons… Arthurian legends are already being woven into the story as early as episode 3 of season 2, so a Fisher King connection isn’t that far removed. There’s a connecting link in the name ‘Whale’ and ‘Fisher King’. Plus, The Fisher King story has a healing connection. We also know Dr. Whale is NOT from the same ‘mythology’ as the others…

Dr. Whale (to David): You’re not my Prince.
David: Who are you Whale?
Whale: That’s my business.



So there’s my guess.

Now I just need to wait 3 weeks until we learn the truth in s.02 e.05 “The Doctor”


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