Posted by: Brendan Wanderer | October 8, 2012

Who is Dr. Whale?

POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT… (don’t read unless you like to wonder about possibilities on Once Upon A Time)

I’m going to make a public guess on my own page just so that it’s been documented as to who I think Dr. Whale’s ‘fairy-tale’ counterpart is on Once Upon A TIme.

#1 guess: Monstro the Whale from Pinocchio (or possibly Moby Dick) but I think this is too obvious and I really doubt it…unless there was a prior spell involved turning him into a monstrous whale.

#2 guess: Captain Ahab from Moby Dick… slightly more likely, because it makes him a human counterpart.

#3 guess: Ulysses or Perseus from greek mythology… both fishermen, and conceivable they might incorporate.

#4 guess: The Fisher King from Arthurian legend/Grail mythology. This is my favorite guess, and if I had to bank on one, this would be it.

Reasons… Arthurian legends are already being woven into the story as early as episode 3 of season 2, so a Fisher King connection isn’t that far removed. There’s a connecting link in the name ‘Whale’ and ‘Fisher King’. Plus, The Fisher King story has a healing connection. We also know Dr. Whale is NOT from the same ‘mythology’ as the others…

Dr. Whale (to David): You’re not my Prince.
David: Who are you Whale?
Whale: That’s my business.



So there’s my guess.

Now I just need to wait 3 weeks until we learn the truth in s.02 e.05 “The Doctor”

Posted by: Brendan Wanderer | August 1, 2010

Grateful for Clouds

Since about 7 or 7:30 on Saturday night, there have been clouds in the sky over Vancouver. It was a surprising, and welcome change to the sun.

The bonus. Pride parade = no sunburns
The downside. No excuse not to write.

Alright, perhaps my apartment is so muggy now because of the difference in the air that writing from home just feels uncomfortable. But if that really matters to me, there’s coffee shops on every corner around me (at least 3 of them Starbucks) with air-conditioning and a happy staff team ready and willing to help me to a Caramel Frappacino (sp?) so that I can get down to business and write.

Interpretation – write or or write not, there is no try.

Posted by: Brendan Wanderer | July 29, 2010

My 14 Day Screenplay starts on Sunday

I have a thing about beginning on the first.

My last two relationships began on the first of the month.
The last time I followed through on something for 30 days I began the practice on the first of the month.

This is absolutely a fluke, or perhaps a willingness on my heart to see myself succeed when it feels somehow ordained by heaven.   It’s a pattern and an opportunity.

And when a month begins on a Sunday, in my little brain, it equals destiny.

These are the stories I tell myself.   Stories = uniquely crafted fabrications, trading fantasy for reality for a payoff.

With them, I cause myself to feel free.   With them, do I keep myself limited.

4 years ago I read about something called the “14-Day Screenplay” Challenge.  The idea was to do the advanced prep. prior to the start date (which was June 6th) and generating enough of the structure, layout, characters, plot, etc. so that all the actual content could flow easily throughout the course of 14 days, keeping to a practice of writing 7-9 pages a day.  The theory is that a feature-length screenplay could be produced with persistent effort.  The reality is that it likely won’t be very good, but that it will be a first draft of material that’s ready to be revised, edited, and re-rendered until it could be something of decent quality.  (The website where I found this can be found here:

The true payoff is that by the end of having written for 14 days, I will have gathered some data about what is actually involved in this process, and I will be able to measure something that I’ve always inherently “known” about myself but could never actually say with inner honesty: that I am (or could be) a writer of film.

Sunday is the first day of August.  It is the first day of the week.   I have a summer schedule:

  • August 13th, a dear friend is coming to visit from far away.
  • August 22nd , I leave for Albany, New York where I will remain until the end of the month.
  • September 1st, I begin the journey home.
  • Soon after returning, I leap into the grind.
  • 3 months from now I may cause myself to say “Why don’t I ever write?”,  “Where does my time go?” and “Next summer I will plan to write a screenplay…”

For me, it has to be now.

To help me commit to this, I will also commit to blogging a little more every day on the matter.

I don’t plan to post what I’ve written. I love the idea I have too much and I don’t trust the world enough. Instead I will use this as an opportunity to blog about the experience of writing, and following this sort of persistent work.  I will write for myself, not for anyone else.  I will write to understand, and perchance to be understood.

And I will write to honour the questions.

I will cause myself to write a screenplay in 14 days so that my summer break will feel like time well-spent.
I may fail.  And it is the possibility of failure that gives succeeding its true value.

Do-able?  Absolutely.
A challenge, without question.

And if I fail, I will define myself and my limitations.

First step: buy a tape measure